If you an Iron roof (corrugate or coloursteel) and are concerned about its condition 

Your roof issues

  • Has your roof started to lose its colour?
  • Is your roof looking drab and faded?
  • Maybe your roof has developed minor leaks or even started to rust.

Upwards of 60% of New Zealand homes have an iron roof (corrugate or coloursteel roof). Reliant Roof painting have experience repairing & recoating them all.

  1. Free roof Inspection
    Reliant roof painting will carry out a full roof inspection and provide you with an inspection report and a no-obligation quote, outlining the scope of work and specifying the coating system required for your roof.
  2. Roof clean and Moss treatmant
    Most roofs will require the application of a chemical roof wash solution; this will kill any moss, lichen and algal growth, help with the release of imbedded dirt and oxidized coating. This is applied a few days prior to the controlled clean off.
  3. Roof repair and repainting preparation
    The next step is to fully repair the roof as specified; this may include replacing sheets of iron or flashings as required. Replacing roof fastenings and rust treatments as required. Our repair work will restore the condition and greatly improve the longevity of your roof.
  4. Roof recoat
    Only once all the above has been completed can the new Roof coatings can be applied as specified. We can offer expert advice to assist you with matching your roof colour with any existing paint.

Our team of dedicated professional coating applicators practice best techniques and use the best coating application systems. All work is carried out in such a manner to protect your property and with less amount of disruption to you and your family.

Metal roof repair and repaint
Metal roof repair and repaint

Protect your home, enhance its appearance and add value with a roof restored by Reliant Roof painting Auckland

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    Roof repairs & painting services

    Reliant Roof Painting Auckland specialises in the repair, restoration and re-painting of all forms of New Zealand roofs, such as Concrete Tiles, Chip coated Tiles (Decramastic) and Longrun Iron Roofs.

    Concrete tile restoration

    Reliant roof painting will repoint ridges, seal, recoat and glaze

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    Decramastic tile restoration

    We repair dents, treat rust and then recoat & rechip tired metal tile roofs.

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    Longrun Iron roof restoration

    Reliant roof painting will waterblast, refasten the fixings, treat rust and then recoat.

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    Roof cleaning &
    moss treatment

    Our comprehensive roof cleaning and moss treatment is environmentally friendly and safe on any surface.

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