What happens if your roof is left untreated?

  • Moss & Lichen has a destructive impact on the roofs existing coating system.
  • Water channel can become blocked, risking water entering the roof space.
  • Reduced water run-off, increasing water retention on the roof, increasing risk of water penetrating through side laps and under flashings, etc.
  • Mortar joints can become compromised, resulting in the deterioration and cracks developing, risking the waterproofing of these roof areas.
  • Loss of protective roof coating and colour
  • Drab Appearance

We can provide a full roof maintence service

Reliant roof painting Auckland know how important it is to maintain your roof from the damaging effects of dirt build up, moss and lichen growth. We provide a comprehensive roof moss cleaning and roof treatment service. Our moss Control Treatment is environmentally friendly and is safe to use on any surface. It won’t harm your garden or damage any existing painted surfaces.

Our Moss Control Treatment is especially formulated to work on a slow release process, take around 3 months on average, allowing for natural weathering to remove the Moss and lichen from the roof, without harming the roofs existing coating or substrate.

if you require a faster clean, we use another formulation and then a controlled pressure clean off.

Reliant roof painting will carry out a free full roof inspection and provide you with a no obligation quote.

All roofs, no matter what kind need to be correctly maintained. Most roofing manufactures also recommend a roof maintenance program, (in a lot of cases your roof warranty is conditional on regular roof cleaning).


Our team has 40 plus years experience in the roof painting industry in Auckland we are experienced and safe coating applicators. Reliant Roof Coatings Auckland comply with the latest safety regulations that require edge protection and harnesses to be warn when walking on any roof. Prior to roof painting our Director has played rugby at a national level in New Zealand and the UK experiencing top level management practices and team ethics. This type of environment has given us a hard working ethical approach to each job we undertake.

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    Roof repairs & re-painting

    Reliant Roof Painting Auckland specialises in the repair, restoration and re-painting of all forms of New Zealand roofs, such as Concrete Tiles, Chip coated Tiles (Decramastic) and Longrun Iron Roofs.

    Concrete Tile repair & recoat

    Reliant roof painting will repoint ridges, seal, recoat and glaze

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    Chip coated tile repair & recoat (Decramastic)

    We repair dents, treat rust and then recoat & rechip tired metal tile roofs.

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    Iron roof repaint (longrun)

    Reliant roof painting will waterblast, refasten the fixings, treat rust and then recoat.

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    Roof cleaning & moss treatment

    A comprehensive Roof cleaning and Moss treatment. Our treatment is environmentally friendly and is safe on any surface.

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